Puppet Birthday eCards

Ecards – Past, Present and Future –

With the development of high-speed Internet, e-cards continue to grow in popularity. Most people like electronic cards, eCards for short, because they are a convenient way to send a funny message to everyone and for every occasion. As eCards are fully digital, there is absolutely no need to send any messages written on paper.

An Example of a Modern Ecard

This reduces the amount of resources and energy that are usually used to produce and manufacture traditional cards. Electronic cards were originally invented to reduce the amount of paper consumed in the card industry. In addition, cards tend to accumulate in drawers and cabinets without any real benefit. They are kept for sentimental reasons, but almost never looked again.

Ecards are very affordable. There are lots of free birthday cards  that can be found on many different websites. Many sites also have a paid subscription system. For a relatively low cost, you can send as many  personalized eCards as you want every day of the year. Everyone loves eCards. Well, NOT everyone, actually!

Apparently not everyone loves Ecards!

With hundreds of thousands of eCards, you should be able to find the perfect one. Some sites even allow you to add images or videos to the electronic card. You can send the same card to several different people, eliminating the dent in your budget by having to buy traditional cards to everyone you know.

Electronic made their first appearance back in 1966. The first type of electronic card  consisted of a non-moving image with a message. New technological findings have led to new developments in electronic cards. With the launch of cheaper flash animation programs came the use of small drawings of electronic cards. Currently, there’s a new trend of cards known as “puppet ecards.” It’s a combination of the traditional art of puppetry, plus a video recording plus an ecard.

For example, an Electronic birthday card or birthday Ecard can be a short birthday card animation that is 15-20 seconds. These electronic cards are moving images, music, and in some cases, an audio message. Due to the fact that this format seems to be more appealing than a plain static card, almost every major eCard supplier offers animated eCards.

Video Ecards allow the sender to import text and home videos in the message. In addition, more recently, there has been progress on the creation of a mobile electronic card system that allows people to send e-cards from their mobile phones.

Taking Video Ecards to the next level, we find Puppet Ecards. As mentioned before, they consist of a funny puppet video that can be 100% customized to each client and delivered right into the recipient’s email inbox, their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and any of the dozens available right now. The beauty of these puppet ecards is that they are much more personalized than traditional ecards_ let alone standard cards, so everyone feels special when receiving one of these. And although they are a bit more expensive than eCards, they add a personal touch of “thoughtfulness” that makes up for the difference in price.

Puppet Birthday eCards Take your Message to the next level!

Puppet e-cards are still fairly new, and they are not likely to replace traditional cards or ecards any time soon. However, the electronic card market is growing rapidly. More and more people are sending and receiving eCards for every occasion, to apologize, give compliments, say thank you, or invite a group of people for an event. As this is becoming more and more commonplace, more people will try to stand out with something different.  If you love the “cuteness” factor of puppet eCards, now is a great time to impress your family and friends with your own, custom made funny puppet video ecard.

Formal Wedding Invitation

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most vital purchases that the bride and groom will have to make during the process of wedding planning. This guide to wedding invitations will make the process much easier for the couple.

Wedding Invitations and Wedding Bands

Finding the perfect wedding invitations will not be difficult. The best way to find these invitations is online since the options are limitless. The first thing the bride and groom should chose is the color and the theme, if there is one. Wedding invitations should reflect this theme, which in conjunction with the color will set the mood for the wedding. Guests can know if the event will be formal or informal through the invitations that only the bride and groom choose. This is important for all guests to dress appropriately and prepare for the event.

There is some information that should be included in the wedding invitations. The first is the names of those who are organizing the wedding if the bride and groom are not doing it themselves. The full names of the bride and groom must also be included. This is so distant relatives and even friends cound be able to cope with cards and gifts properly. Wedding invitations should also include the date, time and place of the ceremony. If the reception is either much later or in a different location, then this information must be included in the wedding invitations too. Relatives will need all this information in order to plan their trip to the wedding.

In addition to wedding invitations, guests must have a way to respond. This information can be included directly in the invitation or the bride and groom can include a reply card to the invitation. Response cards provide all the information they need for details of the wedding. The response card should include lines for guests to include their names, whether they will attend the wedding or not, how many people are in their party, and the choice meal if one is offered. The response card should include a stamped envelope with your address so that guests can easily return them. All this information is crucial for the bride and groom.

There are some additions that the couple can choose to add to wedding invitations. One of the simplest but most beautiful additions is to add stamped envelopes. These coatings are available in many colors the bride and groom can choose those that match the color scheme they have chosen. The bride and groom can also choose to have their return address printed on the envelopes. This saves time and costs little money. If the wedding will be an elegant, formal, event then, the bride and groom should add an overlay of tissue paper on top of wedding invitations. Each of these additions will make the wedding invitations much more special.

If the bride and groom follow this guide to wedding invitations, then it should be very simple for the couple to make decisions.

Wedding Stationery: Formal Statement Or Tradition?

There are thousands of things to do when planning a wedding. However, if you forget to invite the guests, the celebration will go sour! Despite the fact that we live in the age of instant global communications, a wedding invitation is still at the core of any celebration.  Even the most radical wedding ceremony still requires wedding stationery just to stay recognized as decent people. In recent years, there’s been a move towards E-cards, specifically Personalized Wedding Ecards, but traditional stationary is still a must!
In the age of Photoshop and easy access to a myriad amazing laser printers and online editing tools, many people decide to create their own DIY wedding invitations. Although you can save some money by doing this, this is not an area you would like to be cheap. Unless you are a professional stationery designer, why not leave it to the PROS to handle this important aspect of your wedding. A lousy wedding invitation can give a very poor image of probably one of the most important events in your life. You don’t want that. But if you still think you can pull that off, the following video can open your eyes to some things that must definitely be included in any Wedding Invitation.


Frequent Questions and Answers about Wedding Stationery


There are different kinds of wedding stationery ranging from printed paper goods for your wedding such as invitations, thank you notes, all the envelopes, RSVP cards, formal writing paper, even napkins and coordinated note cards and name tags. Arguably, the two most important pieces of wedding stationery however are the invitations and the thank you cards. And recently, a cheaper yet impressive alternative to this have been Puppet Videos inviting people to the wedding and thanking them for coming. Even during the main celebration it’s becoming more and more common to see puppet messages about the Groom or the bride, telling all kinds of jokes and eliciting laughter from all of the attendees.

However, it’s important to remember that many family and friend relationships have been affected over who was invited to a wedding and who wasn’t, what was bought as a present, and if that present was acknowledged with a formal thank you letter of message. Any marriage celebration can be a wonderful time or quickly become a nightmare if someone is left out accidentally. It’s crucial to check with family members and especially parents of both the bride and groom to ensure that everyone they care about is invited.


It is not uncommon to remember someone who was not invited and who should have been invited. When it’s probably too late to send a formal invitation, a more technological option comes in to play. As stated earlier, puppet videos and wedding video messages and wedding ecards could be terrific means of reaching those people almost immediately, while the more “formal” wedding invitation reaches then.


But it’s not all about the invitations, Thank you cards also are critical as every gift must be acknowledged. It’s extremely rude not to send a hand written, personal thank you for any gift received mentioning the addressee’s name at the very least. This says a lot about you as a couple and should not be minimized. For those living far, a Puppet Ecard, A Puppet Thank-You Ecard or email could be terrific in the short term but by no means removes the obligation of a formal, written thank you card.

Again, you could create this Wedding Thank You card on your own, but is it a good idea to cheap out on this considering its relatively low cost and the ever lasting impression it could make?


Is it a good idea for everyone to create their own DIY Wedding Stationery?


Wedding stationery is usually printed with specific information about the marriage date, people involved, and many other details. The same happens with Puppet Videos for the occasion or Puppet Wedding Ecards or just Wedding Ecards. Because of this customization, you will need to select and place your order well in advance of your wedding. Wedding stationery and invitations do not allow for much procrastination. Do not leave them for the last minute. It will take some time to decide just the right paper, layout, and font for your stationery the type of puppet video you want, the types of jokes and anecdotes that could make the audience roar with laughter, etc.


It’s through your wedding invitation and accessories that you will set the tone and mood for your special day. This will clearly make a firm statement establishing your style and taste. It is the first official message about your wedding that a guest will receive from you, so make you need to make it as special and memorable as possible. And if wedding etiquette is particularly important to you, then the first place to start is with your wedding stationery, your Wedding Cards and Wedding Ecards.



Develop Puppet Motions Using One Arm

Puppet arms are designed to hang naturally, so if you are still using sounds good. This lets you start puppeteers focus on the development of the bases. Once you have the basics down, adding movements to help your wrist looks more realistic, if done correctly. The normal tendency when you start using the bars of the poor is to go overboard and use too much or make a move and move the arm for the rest of the game. At this time, it is more a distraction than a help.

The goal to make arm movements is to look at the realistic doll so you can add quality to the game. The key to achieving this goal is moderation. If you constantly with their weapons during the game only for effect, which can be distracting, as people focus on your puppet and lose a little “dialogue. But when a few moves pre-programmed and good, but it adds to the quality. the movements reinforce what is said and make the doll seems realistic. you can still add some planned and that will benefit the game, but again moves, do not overdo it.

To develop preprogrammed movements, from the script. Read through it without a puppet movements and thinks he would do if it was real life. If someone focus on an object or a specific place, which often indicate and look in that direction. Your puppet should do the same movements. If someone thinks they can rub your chin or scratching his head. When someone laughs out loud, they can keep your stomach and sit while laughing while another might lean forward. In adults know each other, they often shake hands; but in the hundreds of games I’ve seen, I can not remember ever having seen two puppets shaking hands. Actually, I do not think I have done it himself. It would be interesting to see if it is.

When you find a place in the script of an appropriate motion recording. You can write a letter G, for the gesture or movement M and the circle or draw a small hand to remember that there is a place for a pre-programmed movement.

From there, it is in practice. Should plan 5-10 minutes while the practice of concentrating on the movements of the arms and movement. Bring puppets on stage and call the different movements. Puppeteer training in order to raise the arm, making the movement, and then let his arm down. Do not leave them in the habit of leaving the arm over a longer period of time. Use this time to focus on the proposals that you know are the games that are made and practice until they become second nature.

When working in a game with signs written motion in them, puppeteers can easily pass without putting a lot of thought. If you should think about doing the movements and claim line at the same time, you probably do not flow easily.

Once the team follows this pattern is long enough, movements and gestures will be realistic and puppeteers will begin to naturally put them in points. It may seem a little “first stiff and formal, but it will produce great results if done consistently and correctly. Then the movements and gestures reinforce what the wrist, rather than detracts.